Cavaliers vs. Roundheads Debate

Posted on September 2, 2016


Using material from the Internet History Sourcebook, as well as your group’s own research, formulate a evidence based argument that answers this question: should the king be above the law?

Here are your debate groups:

Roundheads – Alex, Will, Audrey, Jackson, Kate, Dasia, Courtney

Cavaliers – Zach, Noah, Ada, Jay, Amber, Noam, Shannon

After completing the debate, you will e-mail to me (, please) a persuasive powerpoint presentation re-stating your claims. You will not need to use the .ppt during class; it will just be shared with me. One per group, please.

Internet History Sourcebook – Absolutism (focus on England only; disregard Spain)

Internet History Sourcebook – The English Revolution

Also, here’re the Stuart monarchs with religious affiliation. Thanks, Kate!

FullSizeRender (2)