Asoka/Shi Huangdi Perspective Activity

Posted on January 13, 2017


The thing that you guys seemed to have the most issue with, both in the 6 Glasses assignment and in your AP Insight quizzes was perspective. You guys are killer with the what and the how, but you need to work on the why.

What I’d like you to do with this reading comparing and contrasting the personalities and government styles of Asoka and Shi Huangdi is find the why. Why does each ruler have the philosophies that they do? Why do they enact the laws that they do? Why is there a reliance on faith in one and not in the other?

It’s hard, and there’s no way to absolutely know the motivation of someone who has been gone for almost 1800 years (please don’t bring Oujia boards to class). But using evidence and what you already know, you can come to logical and analytical conclusions about things. Historical thinking, yay!

You (and your partner if you’re doing this as a duo) need eight questions regarding the faith/beliefs of each ruler and how that impacts their governing philosophies.

You should answer these questions in your analysis of the perspective of where each ruler coming from. Tell me how these people’s beliefs created their ruling style, and potentially vice versa.

This is due on Tuesday for discussion.

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