Revised AP DBQ Rubric/Instructions For Tang DBQ Practice

Posted on February 8, 2017


We worked on formulating a thesis today during class; I’d like you to expand that thesis (based on the question “Was the Tang twice a year tax necessary?”) into a DBQ.

This is NOT an official set-up for an APWH DBQ. This is just practice. You have fewer documents to work with so you’re not overwhelmed… that’ll come later. However, I would like you to set up your essay in a way that it fulfills this rubric’s requirements. The only exception is that since you do not have seven documents (you have four), you do not have to analyze seven. Just do four. Use the documents on pages 2-4; the other documents are the full versions of the excerpts on the first four pages of the packet. Those are there if you want to read them for context. You don’t have to.

Remember, when you are analyzing the documents, you need to look at historical context (see reading at the beginning of the DBQ portion of the packet for background information), intended audience, point of view, and the purpose of the document.

Tomorrow we will peer-review your completed essays. Later, I will introduce you to the full miracle that is an APWH DBQ, but I thought that right now not throwing a ton of documents at you would be best.