Industrial Revolution & Social Reform Project

Posted on March 15, 2017


This project will be a group project. Each group should consist of 5-6 people.  Each person in the group will play the role of one of the following people:

  • Adam Smith (“father of capitalism”)
  • Karl Marx (“father of communism”)
  • A coal miner during the Industrial Revolution
  • A textile factory worker during the Industrial Revolution
  • John D. Rockefeller (industrialist-corporate/factory owner)
  • Andrew Carnegie (industrialist) (if there are 6 members)

Each group will use the following resources as reference material for the project:

  • The chapter on the Industrial Revolution in any World History text.
  • Attached short readings below on capitalism, laissez-faire economics, monopoly, trade union, socialism, Adam Smith, Karl Marx, John D. Rockefeller, and Andrew Carnegie
  • Any appropriate outside research that you conduct

After reviewing the materials above, each group must write a scripted conversation between all of the above individuals addressing each of the following issues

  • Benefits and drawbacks of capitalism and socialism/communism;
  • Workers rights: salary, working conditions, working hours, benefits, child labor laws, general labor laws, etc.;
  • Benefits and drawbacks of trade unions, collective bargaining and strikes;
  • Benefits and drawbacks of laissez-faire economics and government economic regulations;
  • Benefits and drawbacks of monopolies and competitive markets

Please see attached rubric for expectations. If you will not be present Friday for the presentations, please A) make note on the rubric before you turn it in and B) make arrangements with your group for coverage of your portion. You are expected to participate.