Revolutionary Fever Project

Posted on March 20, 2017


Using the charts that I gave you during class as a guide, you and your group need to turn your chosen Latin American revolution into a microbe. Please follow these instructions, to be completed on poster paper for display in the hallway:

TASK: Create an epidemiology for one of the Atlantic Revolutions of the late 18th and early 19th century using Crane Brinton’s Fever Model of Revolution as your guide. An epidemiology is basically a report that explains the progression of a disease from incubation to convalescence.

Include the following information in your epidemiology…

1. Name the disease (make sure it relates to the Atlantic revolution you have been assigned)

2. Name, draw/illustrate, and describe the basic characteristics of the microbe responsible for the disease (again it must relate to your assigned Atlantic revolution)

3. Incubation Stage: Describe the conditions which allow the microbe to fester.

4. Symptomatic Stage: Describe the first actions (symptoms) of someone infected with the disease.

5. Crisis Stage: Explain what happens to the patient when the disease reaches its zenith (crisis point).

6. Convalescence Stage: Explain the proper treatment for the disease and how long the recovery takes.

7. Final Analysis: Your brief final summary of the disease. How contagious is it? How deadly? What state is the patient in when they finally recover? What are the short term and long-term side effects for those who recover?


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