Swiss Reformation & Art Analysis

Posted on August 15, 2017


REMEMBER – you need to be reading along in your textbook, doing the study guides, and reading over the notes while I’m out. I should be back tomorrow. My immunity to you guys isn’t built up yet, apparently.

If you are the person who came to school sick and made *me* sick, that is bad and you should feel bad.

Please read the following sections of John Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion:

  1. Of the true Church. Duty of cultivating unity with her, as the mother of all the godly.
  2. Comparison between the false church and the true.

Come up with 10 more discussion questions for tomorrow, because I will be here if I have to drag myself in and prop myself up at my desk.

Also, for homework, please complete the following packet. Answer the image analysis worksheet for each image. You can just e-mail me your responses. We’ll discuss this during class as well.

Reformation Art Analysis