AP European History Unit 1 Extra Credit

Posted on August 30, 2017


Some of you guys didn’t do as well on the first exam as you’d like to, and that is ok! Remember:


Since I am perfectly aware that tests are not porkchops and that you can’t put them on a bun with mustard (and/or ketchup), here is a bit of a chance for you to make up some ground on the unit 1 multiple choice test.

Select up to two videos that cover an event from 1350 to 1648 from the Western Tradition video series. Select from episode 22 through episode 30.

To receive credit you must watch the video and summarize the following in a page.
1. What are the major ideas that you learned about the time period?
2. Who are the 5 most important people that were discussed?
3. What were the 5 most important events that were discussed?
4. Explain in a paragraph why that time period was important.

Each video is worth five points, so you can get up to a ten spot added.