Cavaliers vs. Roundheads Debate

Posted on August 31, 2017


Using material from the Internet History Sourcebook, as well as your group’s own research, formulate an evidence based argument that answers this question: should the king be above the law?

Here are your debate groups:


Group 1- Rawad, Isabelle, Joseph, Cameron, Adam, Katie-Rose

Group 2 – Sameer, Magsun, Emily, Joseph, Samuel, Destiny


Group 1- Mitchell, Zach, Jacob, Rex, Owen

Group 2 – Emma, Kelin, Isabel, Sophie, Luiza, Evan

After completing the debate, you will e-mail to me (, please) a persuasive PowerPoint presentation re-stating your claims. You will not need to use the .ppt during class; it will just be shared with me. One per group, please. This is due on Wednesday, September 6th

Internet History Sourcebook – Absolutism (focus on England only; disregard Spain)

Internet History Sourcebook – The English Revolution

Also, here’re the Stuart monarchs with religious affiliation. Thanks, Kate!

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