A Note regarding the last AP Psych test

Posted on September 15, 2017


It’s been tossed. Some quality individual put the test (and others) on Course Hero.

Those were my easy tests. Prepare yourself for the not-easy ones.

Your project that you will get on Monday will be entered into the gradebook as this unit’s exam. It will be graded TOUGH. For those of you who didn’t cheat, I appreciate you, and I know who you are. You’re putting in the work that you need to for this class, regardless of your test grades, and I am sure that you will do fine on this assignment, if not in some cases better than you would’ve done on the last test.

While I appreciate the alleviation of my grading duties for this exam, I do not appreciate the lack of academic integrity that I suspected occurred on the last one – and did, in fact, occur on this one. Memorizing the correct answers is a very superficial form of studying. Do better.

Also, for future reference, when you cheat, don’t get a perfect score. It makes it obvious. Shout-out to those of you who at least tried to make it look like you weren’t cheating. You getting those three questions wrong *almost* threw me off*.


*It did not.