AP Exam Registration

Posted on October 20, 2017


It’s that time of the semester again! Please remember to register for the AP exams that correspond to the tests that you are taking this semester.

If you sign up by December 1st (do so here at this link), there will be a drawing for… well, something TBA. Also, if you register this semester and meet the appropriate requirements for exemption, there are no alternative finals – you can just not take the exam.

These are the requirements for exemption (you may exempt as many AP finals as you can):

A. Students must be enrolled within the first 3 days of the semester to qualify.
B. Students may exempt if they meet the following grade AND attendance requirements:
– 90% or above, no more than 3 absences
– 80-89%, no more than 2 absences
– 74-79%, no more than 1 absences
– 70-73%, no absences
C. Students may exempt any AP class final if they register for the AP Exam AND meet the grade and attendance requirement. If student exempts in the fall and fails to take the AP Exam they may not qualify for exemption in the future.

I will say that if you want extra practice on AP Exams, you are more than welcome to take the final regardless, and I will grade it so you can see what you got on it – it’s a previously released exam in both AP Psych and AP Euro. It won’t count in the gradebook but you can never take too many practice exams.