Posted on October 22, 2017


Some of you will have zeroes in the grade book for missing work. The second six weeks ends THIS FRIDAY. You need to turn in your work by WEDNESDAY so I can get those grades in. They’re going in as a zero at 3:30 on Thursday. I will adjust as you complete assignments, but what is on your progress report will be indicative of your current missing work status.

Several of you are failing or borderline doing so due to missing work. Please do not shoot yourselves in the foot; assignments are given to reinforce your readings and what we discuss in class. Keeping up with your work is imperative for doing well on the exams and in the course.

I know that sometimes it seems like a good amount of work. It’s because it is – it’s an AP class. You are expected, as per the AP Contracts that you signed, to maintain this level of work. Please don’t fall behind.