Chomsky Vs. Skinner Test Essay

Posted on November 15, 2017


All right, guys – here’s the essay portion of your test. This assignment is due on December 1st at 8:20 AM, and will be worth 35 points out of 100 on your test.

1st block, please use the class ID 15788969; 2nd block, use 15788975. The password for each is wheeler. You may begin submitting them on Thursday morning.

Please choose the viewpoint that you agree with more – B.F. Skinner’s theory of language acquisition or Noam Chomsky’s theory that we are all inborn with the ability to acquire language. You should write a one page single-spaced or two-page double spaced paper justifying and backing up your viewpoint. Please utilize evidence from the episode of Nova on Genie that we viewed in class.

These sheets should help you:

Language Development


If you get information from an outside resource, please cite it using appropriate APA in-text and bibliographical format. will be of use here.

This video  may prove helpful; keep in mind that it is slightly pro-Chomsky.

The featured image for this post is actually a product you can buy here, if anyone feels REALLY REALLY strongly about Chomsky’s theory. Really strongly.