Potential Snow Day Assignments

Posted on January 16, 2018


The weather tonight looks like it’s primed for ice with a nice layer of snow over the top of it, so there’s a possibility that we may not have school tomorrow. Factor in the fact that temperatures aren’t supposed to get above freezing on Wednesday and we may not have school Thursday either.

I don’t enjoy giving snow day assignments, but unfortunately this go-round I have to. If it makes you feel any better, I’ll be grading while binging Parks and Recreation for the tenth time, so we’ll all have work.



AP World History: please continue reading and outlining the chapters, as well as working on your Tao of Pooh assignment. Also, read this summary of The Human Web Chapter 3 and complete this AP Insight Assignment to the best of your ability: Performance_Task_Interaction_Religions_Societies_Students

AP Psychology: Please read over the notes for Chapter 2 through slide 39, and in your textbook through page 67 (stop at the section on the brain). If we come back on Thursday, we’ll start at the nervous system (and you’ll be prepared!). If we come back on Friday, we’ll start notes at the brain. Please also view the Discovering Psychology video The Behaving Brain (Zim #3).

If we do wind up having school, please disregard these assignments.