AP Psych Extra Credit Opportunity

Posted on March 7, 2018


For extra credit, please read Sigmund Freud’s On Dreams (DO NOT read the introduction. It’s long and not written by Freud. Start at Chapter 1.). It shouldn’t take you long to get through regardless.  After completing the readings, please find instances in the book that you either agree with (or find plausible) or find outlandish.  If you find them plausible, please explain why you agree with Freud’s interpretation – if you find them outlandish, please explain why you feel that way as well.

Focusing on these questions might help:

  • What do you think is the “latent content” of Freud’s dream?
  • What is the “manifest content” of Freud’s dream?
  • Freud says, “Frau E. L.’s speech in the dream, ‘You’ve always had such beautiful eyes,’ can only have meant, ‘People have always done everything for you for love; you have always hadeverything without paying for it [Emphasis added by Freud!]. ” Is this indeed what it can only have meant?
  • Freud then says “The truth is, of course, just the contrary: I have always paid dearly for whatever advantage I have had from other people.” Do we have any way of evaluating the accuracy of this statement? Clue: read the very next sentence : “the fact that my friend took me home yesterday in a cab without my paying for it must, after all, have made an impression on me.”
  • Freud tells us that the dream about Frau E.L. was a variation on something that took place during his courtship of his wife. Is it possible to say that Freud is right or wrong in this interpretation?
  • Is Freud’s classification of dreams into three categories in terms of their relation of manifest and latent content valid? What is the difference between the first and second categories (i.e., “bewildering” dreams and ones that are “disconnected, confused, and meaningless.”)

If you would like to read more in the same vein as On Dreams, then you can download Dream Psychology Analysis For Beginners for free off of Amazon.com. It’s a Kindle book, so you can read it on your smartphone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Kindle. Also, Kindle has an app for Windows and Mac so you can read it on your laptop/desktop if need be.

This will be worth 10 points into the test grade category and will be due next Friday.