Helpful links about writing DBQs

Posted on August 28, 2018


We’ll be doing our first DBQ in AP Euro on Friday, and if you’ve written an AP history DBQ before this should be old hat. If you haven’t, it can be kind of overwhelming, but I promise I will do everything that I can to not make it scary. It’s one of the most consistently difficult parts of an AP history exam, but if you take you time, read carefully, and parse out key words, you’re good.

Rule number one, remember, is ALWAYS READ THE PROMPT.

Then read it again.

Rule number two is to check the source of the document before you read the document.

Here are some helpful links for you guys to read over about the DBQs to get your brains ready for what we’re about to do.

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9 Steps to Scoring a 9 on the AP European History DBQ