Revolutionary Women at the Turn of the Century: Russian Rebels and British Suffragettes

Posted on November 30, 2018


You will be creating posters reflecting the views and philosophies of the revolutionary women who advocated for radical social change before, during, and after World War I.

Please, within your group, read the primary resource documents that you were given – you can divide the work among yourselves if you’d like.

For each document, you should be able to boil down the evidence of historical argument into a propaganda poster. Revolutionary Women at the Turn of The Century.

Make it big, make it colorful, and make it demonstrate clearly and effectively the viewpoints and policy changes that these women espoused and wanted to see. These viewpoints may or may not be contrary to your own (as you all know, I’m about as Bolshevik as a member of the Russian Imperial Family), but it’s your job to interpret them and understand them as evidence of social change during the final time period of this class.

Here are the Russian Revolutionary documents, and here are the suffragette documents. Download Helen Taylor’s piece here.