Multiple Intelligences Lesson Plan

Posted on December 3, 2018


NOTE: COMMENTS FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT WILL BE ENTERED INTO STUDENTVUE/PARENTVUE ONLY. There will be no paper copies of the comments/grades this go round, because the last time I graded something this week with a bunch of writing my hand went numb because of my thumb injury (which yes, is still a thing). Please see the gradebook for details of why your group scored what they did.

If you weren’t in class today, please take the Multiple Intelligences Test and find a group to join tomorrow.

Here is the link for the lesson plan project. If you want to find a template for your lesson plan (it makes life easier), head to TeacherPlanet for lesson plan guidelines and daily lesson plan templates. Your lesson doesn’t have to be constrained to just one day, but if it’s multiple days try to break it up over a couple daily templates.