Snow Day Assignments for Tuesday and Wednesday

Posted on January 29, 2019


Note: if we are here those days, please disregard this.

AP Psych, start moving into Unit 3, which is chapter 14 – personality. Enjoy reading the chapter and second guessing everything that you and everyone around you does. I’d get started on the vocab for this unit as well.

AP World, please study for your Unit 1 exam – don’t forget that your in-class SPRITE notes are due the day of the test, so that’ll be whenever we take it. If you have studied enough and would like to get ahead, the next unit (600 CE – 1450 CE) is covered in the following sections: Bulliet: Ch. 8.2-8.4, Ch. 10.2-10.5, Ch. 11-15, Ch. 16.2

If your on-line textbooks work fine, congrats and please read. If they don’t, please look over the notes that I have up in another post.

If you’re a student and your internet is down due to ice on the power-lines, you’re not reading this anyway, but you won’t be held liable for any late work. I let you guys know in class on Monday what you were expected to do if you could.