Unit Four Harkness Discussion

Posted on March 27, 2019


This unit’s Harkness discussion will focus on the declines of the great empires and a shift in global hegemony to Western Europe. The Qing Empire, Ottoman Empire, and tsarist Russia were on the edge of collapse at the turn of the 20th Century, while Western Europe and Japan were rising in strength.

Use the attached documents to formulate your viewpoint regarding the shift in world power. There is a chart after the documents that you should fill out to guide the discussion; the last sheets are post-discussion work.

There will NOT be guiding questions for this one supplied by me. Instead, you are to develop the questions based on your assigned documents. There are 30 documents. In groups of three to four people, please sign up to analyze the document groups listed on this Google Doc. You should develop questions to guide the discussion to this conclusion:

Should the 19th century be better known as a time of European rise or of Asian decline?

The exit slip will be due the Tuesday after the break. I don’t expect you to do any work over Spring Break unless you’d like to.