AP Psychology TENTATIVE Exam Schedule

This is not set in stone – depending on interruptions to the schedule, or any scheduling issues, they may change. I will do my best to maintain this exam schedule; if it changes, I will adjust it here, on the board in class, and I will also tell you.

Exams and exam essays may contain material from previous units. The AP Exam is cumulative and you are responsible for remembering all material learned. You cannot forget information from previous units.

Unit 1 – January 13th

Unit 2 – January 24th (I know there’s an assembly that day – we should still be ok)

Unit 3 – February 1st

Unit 4 – February 9th

Unit 5 – February 17th

Unit 6 – March 6th

Unit 7 – March 14th

Unit 8 – March 23rd

Unit 9 – April 12th

Unit 10 – April 20th

Unit 11 – April 28th

Final Exam – May 24th

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