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Crash Course: Globalization

April 27, 2017


I mentioned these as key must watch Crash Course videos – please, do watch them. They not only are beneficial as far as the exam goes, they’ll also help you understand today’s world and the complicated stuff that you constantly are getting news alerts about on your phone.  

Helpful Crash Course videos for Chapter 23

March 16, 2017


This chapter has a LOT of information in it, spanning the French Revolution, Industrial Revolution, communism & capitalism, nationalism, and some of the build up to WWI. Here’re the helpful Crash Course videos that you guys can use for review as you study.  

Crash Course Videos for Chapter 16

February 27, 2017


These’ll help you understand the Age of Exploration and the expansion of trade systems. Pay careful attention to the Columbian Exchange one (AKA the one we watched in class).

APWH Middle Ages Crash Courses

January 31, 2017


Here you go – these’ll be helpful for what we’re discussing today and tomorrow.