AP World History Readings

This is your schedule of AMSCO readings for the semester. All AMSCO readings should be complete by the end of the unit in preparation for the unit exam. If I feel like you, as a class, are not completing the readings I reserve the right to give pop reading quizzes.

Jared Diamond: The Worst Mistake in the History of the World  – DAY ONE

Unit 1 (1200 CE – 1450 CE):

  • AMSCO: 1.1-2.7

Unit 2 (1450-1750 CE):

  • AMSCO: 3.1-4.8

• Ibn Battuta – Long Distance Travel Beyond the Mongol Peace

• Marco Polo – Description of the World

• Zhao Rugua – Description of Barbarous Peoples

• Luther, Martin – Table Talk

• The Gokstad Ship (image)

Unit 3 (1750-1900 CE):

  • AMSCO: 5.1-6.8
  • Hochschild King Leopold’s Ghost

• Voltaire – A Treatise on Toleration

• Adam Smith – The Wealth of Nations

• Napoleon Crossing the Alps (image)

• Simon Bolivar -The Jamaica Letter

• Summary of a Conversation with Osei Bonso, King of Asante

• Abdullah Wahab -The History and Doctrines of Wahabis

• Envoys from Vassal States and Foreign Countries Presenting Tribute to the emperor, China (image)

• Marx and Engels – The Communist Manifesto

• Charles Darwin – On the Origins of Species and the Descent of Man

Unit 4 (1900-Present Day):

  • AMSCO: 7.1-9.9

• Selected Poetry of the War Poets

• 1918 Flu Epidemic Death Rates (Statistics)

• Adolf Hitler -Mein Kampf

• Bombing of Tokyo and Other Cities (Statistics)

• Gandhi – Indian Home Rule

• Mikhail Gorbachev – Perestroika

• Muralist Paintings

• Osama Bin Laden -Declaration of Jihad against Americans Occupying the Land of the Two Holy Mosques

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