AP European History Readings

Please download and complete these questions for the summer reading assignment, History: A Short Introduction. They will be due via TurnItIn on January 24th.

Please see the following documents and readings for each unit for AP European History.

Unit 1: 1350–1648

Secondary Resources:

“Political Interpretation of the Reformation” Geoffrey Elton
“Women in the Reformation” Boxer and Quatert
Two Views of the Renaissance: Jacob Burckhardt vs. Peter Burke
“The Expansion of Europe” Richard Reed
“The Effects of Expansion of the Non- European World” M.L. Bush

Unit 2: 1648-1815

Secondary Resources:

• “A Political Interpretation of the Thirty Years’ War,” Hajo Holborn
• “A Religious Interpretation of the Thirty Years’ War,” Friedrich Schiller
• “War and Peace in the Old Regime,” M. S. Anderson
• “The Ancien Regime: Ideals and Realities,” John Roberts
• “The Resurgent Aristocracy,” Leonard Krieger
• “Lords and Peasants,” Jerome Blum

Unit 3: 1815-1914

Secondary Resources:

Unit 4: 1914-Present

Secondary Resources

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