May 22, 2018
May 21, 2018

Mean Girls Extra Credit

May 13, 2018


I’ve mentioned in class that Mean Girls perfectly illustrates multiple principles that we’ve covered this semester. Your job is to identify 10 terms from the textbook and give me ten examples of them from the movie. Each example is worth a  point for a 10 point extra credit assignment in the test category OR IF YOU […]

Unit 6 Image Analysis

May 3, 2018


Here’s your task for the last day of new material in APWH (woo!). Time for one last image analysis activity. If you weren’t present in class today, please see me for your final study guide.

Jim Jones, Jonestown, and Alternative Viewpoints

May 2, 2018


When discussing the People’s Temple and the Jonestown tragedy, it’s very easy to focus too much on Jim Jones. We shouldn’t. The focus should be on those who lost their lives and the families that they left behind, and their very real, human motivations for joining the Temple. Obviously, to fully understand the situation, it’s […]

Do What You’re Told!

May 1, 2018


For those who were not in class today and missed Milgram’s experiment, attached is the video we watched in class, the worksheet, and the 40 Studies assignment. And if you think that the experiment was just a product of its time, watch this.

African and Asian De-Colonization Maps/Prompt

April 27, 2018


If you were absent on Friday, please see me for the chart that we worked on during class. The prompt that you and your partner should develop a thesis statement for is: “Evaluate the continuities and changes of European interaction with the world from the 1500s/1600s -1800s, through the post-WWII period.” Here’re the three maps […]