November 21, 2019
December 6, 2019

Jim Jones, Jonestown, and Alternative Viewpoints

December 4, 2019


When discussing the People’s Temple and the Jonestown tragedy, it’s very easy to focus too much on Jim Jones. We shouldn’t. The focus should be on those who lost their lives and the families that they left behind, and their very real, human motivations for joining the Temple. Obviously, to fully understand the situation, it’s […]

Do What You’re Told!

December 3, 2019


For those who were not in class today and missed Milgram’s experiment, attached is the video we watched in class, the worksheet, and the 40 Studies assignment. For further reading (not mandatory, just interesting), research has been done with some of the explanatory devices used by the research subjects to justify their decisions to shock […]

Zimbardo on Evil

December 2, 2019


If you were not in class today, please make sure that you view Quiet Rage, the film on the Stanford Prison Experiment (see embed below). For your last Zimbardo reflection on the Stanford Prison Experiment, I would like a list of nine questions that you had while viewing as well as a brief list of possible […]

Protected: AP Psych Unit Nine Word Wall and Notes: Social Psychology

November 20, 2019

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Fractured Fairy Tale Paper Submission

November 19, 2019


These are due by 11:59 on Wednesday night. Please make sure that you’re good to go with TurnItIn. The class numbers are as follows; the password is wheeler. 1st Block AP Psych: 21636236 4th Block AP Psych: 21636238