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Performance Task 1 Teams

January 14, 2020


Here are your team assignments for A and B day respectively. I’ve tried to make sure that everyone who has registered for the AP Seminar exam is grouped together. If you see any errors, let me know. If you’re missing that means you haven’t signed up for AP Classroom; when you do, I will adjust […]

Performance Task 2 Submission Instructions

December 16, 2019


This will be graded in the same way as your last paper submission – it is practice, but you will get full feedback on an AP Rubric when we get back next semester. Please take that feedback to heart since I cannot offer any next semester on your official assignments. Late submissions will be docked […]

AP Seminar Task 2 Stimulus Materials

November 21, 2019


When you figure out your research question, please post it as a comment, complete with name and class period. I’ll be reading over them to make sure they’re good research questions. Try to have settled on something by the end of class on Wednesday or Thursday depending on if you’re B Day or A Day. […]

AP Seminar IRR Submission

November 18, 2019


Please submit to using the following class codes by 11:59 tonight: A Day AP Seminar: 21636233 B Day AP Seminar: 21636234 The password for each is wheeler Please be aware that presentations begin tomorrow and will last through Friday. I’m allowing for some extra time for you to get your ducks in a row […]

Microsoft Presenter Coach Info

November 11, 2019


AP Seminar, this will be very, very helpful for you guys. Here’re the instructions from the county on PowerPoint’s presenter coach feature, which will time rehearsals, keep count of uhhhs and ums, and also suggest stronger word choices for your presentations. Follow these steps to get started with Presenter Coach: 1. Open Office 365 2. […]

AP Seminar Team Research Questions/Lenses

October 23, 2019


Please post (one per team) your research question and the team members’ probable lenses in the comments section. I will approve them as they become posted. This is due at the end of class on 10/23 or 10/24. Please post it in this format: Group Number, A/B Day Research Question: ______________________________ Team Member 1 Lens: […]

AP Seminar: Comparative Analysis Directions & Due Date

September 3, 2019


Presentations will be 5 minutes each plus questions and will take place on 9/11 for A Day and 9/12 for B Day. If you need additional time you will get it but I will be at a workshop on 9/13. That day will not be your additional time. Here are the step by step directions […]