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AP Seminar: Comparative Analysis Directions & Due Date

September 3, 2019


Presentations will be 5 minutes each plus questions and will take place on 9/11 for A Day and 9/12 for B Day. If you need additional time you will get it but I will be at a workshop on 9/13. That day will not be your additional time. Here are the step by step directions […]

“See You In Disneyland” Reading

August 27, 2019


2B Seminar, this is for early release day; 2A Seminar, I’ll give you this for homework on Thursday. Please read Michael Sorkin’s “See You In Disneyland” (available here) and answer the following Question 1 analysis:

Reflective Journal on Collaborative Argument

August 26, 2019


Please post your at least one paragraph reflection in OneNote (there’s a tab in there for reflections now) by the next time I see you, so 8/28 for B day and 8/29 for A day. The reflection on your collaborative argument process should answer these questions: Write a reflection on the process of research, synthesize, […]

APA References Corrections

August 23, 2019


A day and B day both, please come by and grab your APA references activities in class (or not in-class) on Monday. Several of you guys missed some easily fixable points. Please read my comments and suggestions carefully and make needed corrections. You can turn these corrections into me (as a PAPER COPY this time) […]

Media Center Day Instructions

August 13, 2019


FOR LECTURE NOTES ON NOODLE TOOLS, FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS: Select Webpage and then Website. In the dropdown menu where it says description of format to appear in brackets you will select “lecture notes”. If you were absent on 8/13 or 8/14, we went to the media center to work on how to find sources and […]

OneNote Sharing Issues

August 9, 2019


If you are still having issues sharing your homework on Book II of the Republic and Book I of Utopia, please follow these instructions carefully: Don’t use the phone app. Most people are having issues with OneNote’s app. Use a laptop. If you still can’t log-in, send me a screen shot of the issue that […]

More’s Utopia Readings for 8/7, 8/8

August 5, 2019


Please download Thomas More’s Utopia for free from iBooks, Kindle, Google Play Books, or Project Gutenberg. Each text is formatted differently and More didn’t understand what a chapter was (yay, books from the 1500s!), so please pay careful attention to how I am assigning the readings. You can search each of the formats above for […]