AP European Art Resources

The study of artistic works may be the most difficult material covered in this class if you do not have an artistic background. This list will be updated throughout the course of the semester for your reference. The book we will be using, The Annotated Mona Lisa, is a wonderful resource, but sometimes we need things that are more in-depth, and sometimes it’s just easier to do a quick glossary search on-line rather than using the book.

We will do our best to do multiple art gallery tours throughout this semester, but some of the artistic eras will have to be covered as they are in the textbook, without the tours, just due to time constraints. Sorry!

AP European History Art Review Quizlet

Museum of Modern Art Glossary

Glossary: The National Gallery, London

Glossary of Medieval Art and Architecture

Medieval Art

Medieval Art and Architecture Powerpoint (Art Tour #1, 8/1/16)

Italian Renaissance Art & Architecture (Art Tour #2, 8/5/16)

The Art of the Northern Renaissance (Art Tour #3, 8/15/16)

The Baroque Age (Art Tour #4, 9/8/16)

Versailles (Art Tour #5, 9/8/16)

Jacques Louis David Art Analysis

Neoclassicism (Art Tour #6, 10/24/16)

Romanticism/Early 20th Century Art/


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