AP Psychology

I am available for help if needed before school (7:45-8:15) and after school 3:30-4:00. Please make an appointment so I expect you. I am also available for help via e-mail (laura.astorian@cobbk12.org), but I may not check it after work hours and on the weekends.

AP Psychology Syllabus 2018.

The exam is at noon on Thursday, May 9th, 2019. 

My online course is open for student registration. Follow these steps to get started. If you need additional guidance, consult the support site, especially the system requirements which list recommended browsers.

Fourth block, visit: http://www.macmillanhighered.com/launchpad/myers12e/9860601

The code for registration is c3p-qmw-rivt9sba

Bookmark the page to make it easy to return to (although note that the URL will look different due to security measures).

Enroll in this course using one of the following options:

If you have an access code, select “I have a student access code”, enter the code exactly as it appears on the card, and click Submit.

If you don’t have an access code, either purchase a text package that includes one OR click “I want to purchase access” and follow the instructions.

If you need to start working but can’t purchase right away, select “I want temporary access” and follow the instructions. Please note: Your grades are linked to your Launchpad account username (email address). If you use temporary access, make sure you purchase or register your code using the same email address for your paid access.

If you have problems registering, purchasing, or logging in, please contact Customer Support.

You can reach a representative 7 days a week:

  • through the online form
  • by chat
  • by phone at (800) 936-6899

Video Links:

FYI – this is not a test prep class. If you want test preparation, buy the Barron’s book. I will tell you what the test is and what to expect, but I’m here to teach you the information in the standards, not to just shove information into your head specifically for taking the test. You need to remember this information after the class is over – that is the point of learning. I don’t want you to memorize things; I want you to learn them.

For every ten vocabulary note cards you compile before each test, you get one point extra credit, up to 5 points.

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