AP Psychology

I am available for help if needed before school (7:45-8:15) and after school 3:30-4:00. Please make an appointment so I expect you. I am also available for help via e-mail (laura.astorian@cobbk12.org), but I may not check it after work hours and on the weekends.

AP Psychology Syllabus

The exam is at noon on Tuesday, May 11th, 2021. 

Please access your textbook using this link.

Office 365 Username: firstname.lastname
Password: Same as computer password at school

Video Links:

FYI – this is not a test prep class. If you want test preparation, buy the Barron’s book. I will tell you what the test is and what to expect, but I’m here to teach you the information in the standards, not to just shove information into your head specifically for taking the test. You need to remember this information after the class is over – that is the point of learning. I don’t want you to memorize things; I want you to learn them.

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