Zim Videos For Your Journal


Zimbardo is my Homeboy by ~MrBlueSky225 on deviantART

These are the Zimbardo videos that we will view in class (IF WE DID NOT VIEW ONE IN CLASS DUE TO TIME CONSTRAINTS, YOU ARE STILL RESPONSIBLE FOR IT):

1. Past, Presence, and Process – watch on your own

2. Understanding Research

3. The Behaving Brain

4. The Responsive Brain – watch on your own

5. The Mind Awake and Asleep

6. Sensation & Perception

7. Learning

8. Cognitive Processes

9. Remembering and Forgetting

10. Testing and Intelligence

11. The Developing Child – watch on your own

12. Motivation and Emotion

13. The Self – 4th Block watch on your own

14. Psychopathology

15. Psychotherapy – watch on your own

16. The Stanford Prison Experiment

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