Happy Last Day of School!

Posted on May 20, 2020


Congrats everyone on a fantastic, if not really super weird, school year. I know that spending the last two months of it practicing social distancing and learning from home hasn’t been ideal. It’s a lot more enjoyable to be in the classroom, with your friends, and actually actively working on stuff. Blog posts, videos, and writing assignments are not how I like to teach history or any other subject matter, and I’ve missed seeing all of you every day.

This semester, and honestly, this school year, I’ve felt like I’ve had some of the strongest classes that I’ve ever had, and you all have been a constant source of both entertainment and pride for me. I know that if you took the AP Exam for your subject (or will be, tomorrow, AP World – or submitting on May 26th at 11:59, AP Seminar) that you did your best, which is all that I care about. Even if you didn’t choose to take the exam for whatever reason, you took a chance on a class that was challenging and hopefully interesting. I hope that you guys have gotten something out of what we learned this year, even if it’s just that there’s more than one Defenestration of Prague.

Seniors, I’m sorry that your senior year ended like this for you. I don’t know what your future holds, or if where you’re going to university will be on campus to start their year in the fall. but I promise – college is a lot better than high school, and you will, for sure, have fun learning. You will also have fun doing a lot of other things. Enjoy your freedom and make good choices.

Have a fantastic summer, and I really hope that I see everyone in August.