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The Communist Manifesto Readings & Questions

October 30, 2018


If you weren’t in class today, here is a synopsis of Marx’s Communist Manifesto (don’t worry – I’m not making you read the actual whole thing – it’s dry). After you complete the readings, please answer the questions regarding it. The Crash Course on this is SUPER HELPFUL. The Communist Manifesto summary Questions: Marx_Manifesto Advertisements

AP Exam Registration Information

September 17, 2018


It’s almost that time again! Here is the information for AP Exam registration. Please make sure that if you are taking one, that you sign up for the test by the end of registration date. Missing the registration cut-off will result in some serious fees and serious frustration. 2019 AP Exam Registration Registration Begins: October […]

King Charles II’s Family Circle

September 5, 2018


Inbreeding is not a good thing, especially when you’re trying to maintain a bloodline of people competent enough to govern an empire. Seriously, the condition of having a severe underbite is called having a Hapsburg Jaw, after the family. Inbreeding made it so terrible that by Charles’ time, he had problems talking, chewing, and he […]

Unit 4 Word Wall

August 31, 2018


Please go on and sign up here for your word!

Crash Course Videos for Chapter 14

August 27, 2018


These’ll help you understand the Age of Exploration and the expansion of trade systems. Pay careful attention to the Colombian Exchange one (AKA the one we watched in class).

The Head of Good King Henry

August 23, 2018


Henry IV was one of the most beloved kings in French history (ignore the assassination), so of course his head went missing and was later found in someone’s attic. A reconstruction proves it! Or maybe not. Three years ago, Philippe Charlier, an osteo-archaeologist from France’s University Hospital Raymond-Poincaré in Garches, used a forensic exam to […]

AP European History & AP World History Summer Reading

May 22, 2018


Please download and complete these questions for the summer reading assignment, History: A Short Introduction. They will be due on your first day of classes. For AP World History, please see the instructions on the dedicated AP World History summer reading page. You will need to purchase the books A History of the World in Six Glasses, […]