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APWH Extra Credit: Unit 6 Image Analysis

May 13, 2019


This is due Friday during class so I can have time to get it into the gradebook before your final exam. It will be 10 points in the test category, so if you’re skirting the edge of a grade that you’d like to have and you’re trying to decide whether or not to exempt, this […]

Cold War Learning Stations

April 25, 2019


Please, with your chosen groups of no more than five (we need seven groups total), cycle through the learning stations in alphabetical order from where you started and complete the tasks on this powerpoint. Cold War Learning Stations Activity Powerpoint

PBS’s Armenian Genocide Roundtable

April 16, 2019


About a third of the country’s PBS stations did not air the roundtable discussion that we will view in class. The roundtable was protested by many Armenian groups because it gave a platform for those who deny that a genocide took place. The New York Times published an article regarding the cancellation, which you guys […]

Protected: Unit Five PowerPoints

April 11, 2019

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Russia/Japan Industrialization DBQ

April 9, 2019


Shout-out to for the images (and for saving me some time). This is the DBQ from the practice exam that the college board has up on their site for your download. During class, we will be breaking down this document by document and then you all will be responsible for coming up with an […]

AP Insight CCOT Activity On Japanese Artwork

April 8, 2019


If you missed class, here is the activity that we worked on today. We worked in partners on the art analysis portion and completed section three. Do NOT do section one of this activity. BBc_Performance_Task_Shared_Ethnicity_and_New_National_Identities__Students We also viewed this Ten Minute History:

Unit Four Harkness Discussion

March 27, 2019


This unit’s Harkness discussion will focus on the declines of the great empires and a shift in global hegemony to Western Europe. The Qing Empire, Ottoman Empire, and tsarist Russia were on the edge of collapse at the turn of the 20th Century, while Western Europe and Japan were rising in strength. Use the attached […]