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AP European History & AP World History Summer Reading

May 22, 2018


Please download and complete these questions for the summer reading assignment, History: A Short Introduction. They will be due on your first day of classes. For AP World History, please see the instructions on the dedicated AP World History summer reading page. You will need to purchase the books A History of the World in Six Glasses, […]

How to check your AP Exam scores.

May 21, 2018


Congrats on surviving your AP Exams! From what I’ve heard from everyone, they didn’t seem as bad as you expected. That’s always a good sign. Except Euro. Yeah, that test is probably the hardest. Anywho, here’s how you check your AP Exam scores in July: Check the College Board’s website at and type in […]

Unit 6 Image Analysis

May 3, 2018


Here’s your task for the last day of new material in APWH (woo!). Time for one last image analysis activity. If you weren’t present in class today, please see me for your final study guide.

African and Asian De-Colonization Maps/Prompt

April 27, 2018


If you were absent on Friday, please see me for the chart that we worked on during class. The prompt that you and your partner should develop a thesis statement for is: “Evaluate the continuities and changes of European interaction with the world from the 1500s/1600s -1800s, through the post-WWII period.” Here’re the three maps […]

Cold War Learning Stations

April 25, 2018


Here is the documentary we did today in class instead of this. We’ll do this activity tomorrow. Please, with your chosen groups of no more than five (we need seven groups total), cycle through the learning stations in alphabetical order from where you started and complete the tasks on this powerpoint. Use your own paper. […]

AP World History Review Sessions

April 19, 2018


Mr. Needle will be hosting the APWH reviews at 7:30 AM on Monday mornings (starting this coming Monday morning). It’ll be held in the AVID room. For more information, please see his blog post regarding it. DO NOT FORGET TO SIGN UP ON THE SIGNUP LINK. Please be considerate. Please note that you need to […]

PBS’s Armenian Genocide Roundtable

April 17, 2018


About a third of the country’s PBS stations did not air the roundtable discussion that we will view in class. The roundtable was protested by many Armenian groups because it gave a platform for those who deny that a genocide took place. The New York Times published an article regarding the cancellation, which you guys […]