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APEH: Art, Literature, and Culture at the Turn of the Century

March 27, 2020


The painting in the header image is one of Monet’s Water Lillies series, which is probably some of his most famous and identifiable artworks. The one I chose is the one housed at the St. Louis Art Museum, which is my personal happy place. It is a HUGE painting and it has its own room […]


March 26, 2020


These seemed to be helpful (and a great excuse for me to stick with my usual morning routine of attempting to look like a human). I’d like to stick with a weekly schedule from here on out if you can make it. I’ll be taking your questions and explaining things that we’ve been working on. […]

ALL CLASSES: A reminder on turning in work

March 24, 2020


Just a quick note – please stay up to date on the due dates listed on the master blog post for distance learning. I know many of you have extenuating circumstances as we’re out of school and getting stuff in exactly on time may be difficult. The due dates are up there for you to […]

APEH: Europe and the World

March 24, 2020


Your assignment, should you choose to accept it (spoiler: you have no choice) is to read through the PowerPoint for Chapter 23 (and preferably the chapter). This is the rough stuff when the Europeans start Imperialism with the added bonus of “racial science” (not science) and The Great Chain of Being and all other sorts […]

APWH &APEH: Reading is FUNdamental!

March 23, 2020


Today I would like you guys to take some time to get caught up on your reading schedules and whatever else you have to do for me – double check the master distance learning post for your reading and where you should be. APWH, please don’t forget that includes King Leopold’s Ghost. We will also […]

New College Board AP Exam Guidance

March 20, 2020


I know you got the e-mail; please stay on top of the College Board’s AP Exam changes and don’t forget to check back with them as they refine what in the world is going on. As far the class, a) I don’t know when we’ll be back (pandemics don’t exactly have a start and end […]

APEH: The Rise of Nationalism

March 20, 2020


Oh, boy, Nationalism! It’s the number one motivator for every country in Europe, but especially in Western Europe. What it breaks down to is this: Q. My country is better than your country in: a) industrial output b) colonization/imperialism c) military strength and size d) culture e) ALL OF THE ABOVE Obviously, they believed the […]