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February 8, 2018


Some of you will have zeroes in the grade book for missing work. The first six weeks ends next week. You need to turn in your work by WEDNESDAY so I can get those grades in. They’re going in as a zero at 3:30 on Thursday. I will adjust as you complete assignments, but what […]

19th and 20th Century Philosophy

December 12, 2017


Here’s a list of important figures and some videos to help you through their work. Some of what they’ve developed is EXTREMELY complicated. Yes, we will discuss some of these in class. 19th Century: Hegel Schopenhauer Kierkegaard Nietzsche Comte 20th Century Adorno Baudrillard Camus de Beauvoir Derrida Foucault Lacan Sartre

Revolutionary Women at the Turn of the Century: Russian Rebels and British Suffragettes

November 16, 2017


You will be creating posters reflecting the views and philosophies of the revolutionary women who advocated for radical social change before, during, and after World War I. Please, within your group, read the primary resource documents that you were given – you can divide the work among yourselves if you’d like. For each document, you […]

World War I Notes And War Poets

November 9, 2017


Ok guys, today marks the beginning of WWI – for our AP Euro class. You can find the PowerPoint here, and the War Poets readings for class here.

Late 19th Century Society And Culture Notes/Reading

October 25, 2017


Here’re the notes for today and tomorrow – for tomorrow, please make sure you download and read In Far Cathay and highlight instances of Orientalism. Be prepared to discuss this tomorrow in class. ap-euro-19-the-birth-of-modern-european-thought-1 ap euro 18 building of european supremacy late 19th century europe

European Imperialism Notes & Crash Course

October 20, 2017


3. European Imperialism if you weren’t present in class; see me (or this website!) for copies of today’s readings: Kipling’s “White Man’s Burden,” and Morel’s Black Man’s Burden. Don’t forget to brush up on your ABC’s! Here’s the Crash Course we viewed today:  

Nationalism Notes & Crash Course

October 17, 2017


Hey, guys – here’re the notes for the Nationalism portion of this unit. Please make sure that you view the Crash Course if you weren’t in class; if you missed the readings, please go on and read Grew, Holborn, and Ulam out of this packet. As part of your assignment today, please read these notes […]