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Mercantilism, French Revolution, & Napoleon notes

October 3, 2018


Here are some bonus mercantilism notes, as well as some additional notes for when we hit the French Revolution & Napoleon. ap-euro-12-mercantilism-transatlantic-economy-trade-wars-rebellion ap euro 13 french revolution ap-euro-14-napoleon-and-romanticism Advertisements

Old Regime & Enlightenment Notes

September 21, 2018


Here’re some bonus notes for you guys to look at if you get super bored during Fall Break. Also, here’re some of the videos that we checked out during class and discussed. ap-euro-10-society-and-economy-under-the-old-regime ap-euro-11-the-enlightenment

Scientific Revolution & The Philosophes Notes

September 20, 2018


We’re about to the Enlightenment! Yay! Time for some of my favorite thinkers. Today we’ll review Locke and Hobbes and then move on to Voltaire, Rousseau, and so on. Scientific Revolution & The Philosophes Notes The 8-Bit Philosophy video series is fun in general, but these are some of the best that apply to philosophers […]

AP Exam Registration Information

September 17, 2018


It’s almost that time again! Here is the information for AP Exam registration. Please make sure that if you are taking one, that you sign up for the test by the end of registration date. Missing the registration cut-off will result in some serious fees and serious frustration. 2019 AP Exam Registration Registration Begins: October […]

Cavaliers vs. Roundheads Debate

September 12, 2018


Using material from the Internet History Sourcebook, as well as your group’s own research, formulate an evidence based argument that answers this question: should the king be above the law? Here are your debate groups: Roundheads: Elizabeth, Braxton, Sam, Thomas, Cameron, Emma, Enya Cavaliers: Max, Evan, Diego, Diego, Alana, Mariana, Fan   After completing the […]

Growing Absolutist Dominance Notes

September 10, 2018


Get ready for some RUSSIA! Oh, and the Dutch, Sweden, and some Hohenzollern fun. James I and the Stuarts/Louis XIV Notes Absolutist Dominance Notes

Religious Wars & The Thirty Years War Notes

September 5, 2018


Here’re the notes from the end of this unit. Wars of Religion Notes Also, this brief video on the Thirty Years might clarify a few things – if you weren’t in class today, here you go: