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Protestant Reformation Notes

August 17, 2018


If you missed today, you have readings by Luther and Tetzel to grab from me. Here’re the alternate Protestant Reformation notes – remember, these aren’t from our book! Enjoy – Luther was not this adorable in real life.  

The Northern Renaissance

August 15, 2018


Don’t forget to thumb through the Northern Renaissance powerpoint that we skimmed today – I blew through France and England in favor of the Dutch and Germans (sorry, England and France). Please finish the documentary that we began today in class on Bosch. Using the excerpt from TAML that I distributed earlier this week, identify […]

The Prince

August 9, 2018


If you weren’t here in class today, here’s the in-class reading/discussion. Please complete these attached questions regarding Machiavelli’s work The Prince. Many of these are philosophical and personal questions with no correct answer. The goal of this activity is to get you to evaluate Machiavelli’s viewpoint and perspective. Please keep in mind that much of […]

Renaissance Notes & Crash Course

August 8, 2018


Here’re non-textbook lecture notes for the Renaissance – see the art resource page for the art tour notes (and make sure that you read the selection from the Annotated Mona Lisa that I’ll be giving you in class soon). ap euro 2 the renaissance complete 2013 Also, here’s the Crash Course we viewed that raised […]

Late Middle Ages Notes

August 3, 2018


These aren’t the textbook notes, they’re the support notes that I mentioned to you guys during class. I’m still trying to figure out if we’re able to post the text’s notes on our blogs. We worked on a primary resource document analysis activity that you will need to see me about if you missed school […]

A Few Fun Middle Ages Art Things

August 1, 2018


The image on this post is the one that I was talking about in class today – Yoda made a special guest appearance in a manuscript. It was found by the curator of medieval manuscripts at the British Library, and has turned the blog into something of an internet phenomenon. From Vox, we have a […]