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Nationalism Notes & Crash Course

October 17, 2017


Hey, guys – here’re the notes for the Nationalism portion of this unit. Please make sure that you view the Crash Course if you weren’t in class; if you missed the readings, please go on and read Grew, Holborn, and Ulam out of this packet. As part of your assignment today, please read these notes […]

Mercantilism, French Revolution, & Napoleon notes

October 3, 2017


We’re not doing the Mercantilism notes during class, but you are responsible for the content on Friday’s exam (thanks, Irma). ap-euro-12-mercantilism-transatlantic-economy-trade-wars-rebellion ap euro 13 french revolution ap-euro-14-napoleon-and-romanticism

French Revolution Body Biography Biographies

October 2, 2017


Please pull up the attached PDF and find your historical figure! (Marie Antoinette and Napoleon aren’t included there – search for them on Wikipedia) Instructions for the body biography can be found here. This’ll be due at the end of class tomorrow. Just for fun, forensic pathologists have done a facial reconstruction of Robespierre. I […]

Old Regime & Enlightenment Notes

September 18, 2017


Here’re the notes that we’re beginning today on life under the Old Regime, and the upcoming notes that we will have on the Enlightenment. ap-euro-10-society-and-economy-under-the-old-regime ap-euro-11-the-enlightenment

Growing Absolutist Dominance Notes

September 14, 2017


Get ready for some RUSSIA! Oh, and the Dutch, Sweden, and some Hohenzollern fun. Absolutist Dominance Notes

Scientific Revolution & The Philosophes Notes

September 8, 2017


We’re about to the Enlightenment! Yay! Time for some of my favorite thinkers. Today we’re covering the science guys; Monday we’ll review Locke and Hobbes and then move on to Voltaire, Rousseau, and so on. Scientific Revolution & The Philosophes Notes These videos of Tom Richey’s should keep your ducks in a row for the […]

Some Louis XIV Review Videos

September 7, 2017


Louis XIV can be complicated, and that’s before you try to catalog his shoes. Here’re a couple of Tom Richey videos that should summarize what we talked about in class today – both the king and the king’s wars.