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Scientific Revolution & The Philosophes Notes

February 13, 2020


We’re almost to the Enlightenment! Yay! Time for some of my favorite thinkers. Here’re the textbook notes for Chapter 16. Scientific Revolution & The Philosophes Notes The 8-Bit Philosophy video series is fun in general, but these are some of the best that apply to philosophers from this era.

Growing Absolutist Dominance Notes

February 5, 2020


Get ready for some RUSSIA! coming up soon.  Oh, and the Dutch, Sweden, and some Hohenzollern fun. This is a cool unit. (these notes aren’t the textbook’s – those have been posted here) James I and the Stuarts/Louis XIV Notes Absolutist Dominance Notes


February 5, 2020


IF YOU SUBMIT AP CLASSROOM WORK, PLEASE E-MAIL ME AND TELL ME. I DO NOT GET NOTIFIED FOR NEW SUBMISSIONS. I MAY MISS WHAT YOU’VE TURNED IN IF YOU DON’T FOLLOW THIS INSTRUCTION. This is for ALL CLASSES. Your missing work (zeroes and blanks in the gradebook) are due no later than Wednesday, February 12th. […]

Religious Wars & The Thirty Years’ War Notes

January 29, 2020


We will be using some parts of the notes (Western Europe pre-1648) for this unit and the rest for the next. Sorry for the confusion – there’s a lot of overlap between themes and events here. The mid-1600s is kind of a transitional time. Tom Richey’s website has an excellent streamlined breakdown of the war […]

Protestant Reformation and Catholic Reformation Art

January 28, 2020


Google Arts and Culture has put together a wonderful compare and contrast regarding the two art styles. I forgot to publish this last week when we looked at the styles in class. This is a super cool tool – all of the images are in high res so you can zoom in and look at […]

Age of Exploration Notes & Crash Courses

January 22, 2020


Here are the textbooks notes for this section of unit 1: Chapter 14 Notes As an added bonus, here’re the two Crash Courses that go along with chapter 14. You should watch each of these in class while I’m out of town. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you Monday!

Art of the Reformation and Counter Reformation

January 17, 2020


We discussed the differences in Catholic and Protestant art of the 1500s and 1600s today, especially the themes of virtue and their portrayal of Christ. For more in-depth information, I strongly suggest you guys read this analysis from Visual Arts Cork regarding the differences in style. Google Culture also has a nice, if brief, collection […]