APEH: European Society’s Rebuild

Posted on May 11, 2020


Remember, AP Exams start today so we’re going to continue our no-work policy. Seniors, you guys are done anyway (yaaaaaay), so just follow along if you’d like.

I lied about the Crash Course Euro in a previous post – apparently they’re still updating, pandemic be darned. The latest one is on post-war rebuilding. While we’re all pretty familiar about the economic boom that the US experienced after the end of World War II, Europe’s recover was a bit slower. The war, like WWI, decimated infrastructure across the continent, and in many German cities there wasn’t much left. London was still rebuilding from the Blitz, France had to bounce back from German occupation, Spain was still dealing with Franco, and Eastern Europe, well… you saw what’s going down there.

Remember, the Marshall Plan imported a lot more than American money, but it’s ok. Europe evened the score when they sent us The Beatles.