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APEH: European Society’s Rebuild

May 11, 2020


Remember, AP Exams start today so we’re going to continue our no-work policy. Seniors, you guys are done anyway (yaaaaaay), so just follow along if you’d like. I lied about the Crash Course Euro in a previous post – apparently they’re still updating, pandemic be darned. The latest one is on post-war rebuilding. While we’re […]

APEH: Post-WWII Rebuilding and the beginning of the Cold War

May 4, 2020


Obviously, the rebuild after WWII was difficult – destruction across the continent was horrible and it was the second time in 30 years or so that Europe had to deal with it. The death tolls after WWI and the fact that a whole generation of working people were decimated lead to economic problems – and […]

APWH: The Aftermath of WWII and the Beginning of the Cold War

April 27, 2020


After the end of WWII, much like the end of WWI, there was a re-building period for Europe. How the post WWII years differed, however, is that the Western Allied Powers weren’t out for punishment. In Europe, the United States aided in the rebuilding via the Marshall Plan, or loans and payments to European countries […]