AP Seminar Rough Drafts

Posted on May 1, 2020


IMPORTANT – IF YOU ARE NOT TAKING THE EXAM ANY LONGER – EVEN IF YOU HAVE SENT ME AN EMAIL – PLEASE FILL OUT THIS GOOGLE FORM. I have to return previously submitted work to you if you do not intend to take the exam. I will instead count that work toward your “final exam” so you get credit for what you did. 

If you are taking the AP Exam or still wanting to improve your grade, please e-mail me your rough drafts (as close to complete as possible – one page is NOT ENOUGH) by next Friday so I can make sure that your progress is good.

Please e-mail it to apworldpapers@gmail.com.

Don’t forget – both papers are due to the College Board by 11:59 on May 26th. If you have one submitted and not the other, that is a zero for the paper that you don’t have submitted.

If you’re trying to cancel participation and you already have something uploaded, please contact the College Board directly via the contact info on AP Classroom.