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APWH Review Materials

May 18, 2020


Your exam is Thursday, which means you’re almost there! I was e-mailed this morning about some review materials from Marco Learning that I think would be beneficial for you guys to take a look at. If you need some last minute stuff, here you go. Don’t forget, I’m also still reading over the practice DBQ […]

King Leopold’s Ghost Submission

May 12, 2020


I’ve had a few folks ask about this. Honestly, I’ve been struggling with a way for you to submit these packets to me since school won’t be face to face for the rest of the school year, but I do want to give you an opportunity for credit. Please submit either photos of the completed […]

Final APWH Practice DBQ

May 12, 2020


Only do section five, which is the Qing Dynasty DBQ. If you have any questions about the AP Exam next week, please let me know! If you have not done any of the previously assigned DBQs or student practice DBQs that have been released by the College Board, please do them for practice. If they […]

APWH & APEH DBQ Practice and Videos

April 28, 2020


More information and practice videos are trickling out for the AP Exams next month, thank goodness. In this one for APWH, Heimler is walking you through a modified 2018 DBQ – this one was the one on railroads and technology. To work along with him, please download and print his DBQ Worksheet guide and the […]

APWH & APEH: Practice DBQ

April 15, 2020


This DBQ from has been modified to fit the at-home AP Exam format for the AP History classes. I will have an assignment drop box for both APWH and APEH on, so I can score and leave feedback there. This is not required but it would be good practice for you for the […]


April 3, 2020


Please visit the College Board’s site on their emergency exam testing and read it for detail if you have not yet done so. Me, basing my assumption off of years of teaching AP history classes and a few million DBQs written in high school, figured that there would be no way that the College Board […]

Distance Learning Information

March 12, 2020


Please be mindful that you are responsible for ALL work assigned over the break and all submission on requested due dates. As I post new assignments for each of the classes, I will link to them here. Due dates will accompany the assignments. Please subscribe to this blog for timely updates. Office hours will be […]