APWH & APEH: Practice DBQ

Posted on April 15, 2020


This DBQ from TomRichey.net has been modified to fit the at-home AP Exam format for the AP History classes. I will have an assignment drop box for both APWH and APEH on TurnItIn.com, so I can score and leave feedback there. This is not required but it would be good practice for you for the upcoming AP Exams.

It’s on the Renaissance, which is history that fits both classes. It’s open note/internet but remember, you will ONLY HAVE 45 MINUTES TO READ AND WRITE. Please set a timer as you begin so you can acclimate yourself to the time limit.

I have also included a revised rubric as well. Please have it handy as you write this and your AP Exam essay.

DBQ Rubric for APWH/APEH

Optional practice annotation practice guide

DBQ Prompt: Evaluate whether the Renaissance was influenced primarily by Christian or by secular ideals