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Mercantilism, French Revolution, & Napoleon notes

October 3, 2017


We’re not doing the Mercantilism notes during class, but you are responsible for the content on Friday’s exam (thanks, Irma). ap-euro-12-mercantilism-transatlantic-economy-trade-wars-rebellion ap euro 13 french revolution ap-euro-14-napoleon-and-romanticism Advertisements

AP European History Unit 1 Extra Credit

August 30, 2017


Some of you guys didn’t do as well on the first exam as you’d like to, and that is ok! Remember: Since I am perfectly aware that tests are not porkchops and that you can’t put them on a bun with mustard (and/or ketchup), here is a bit of a chance for you to make […]

The Religious Wars of the 16th & 17th Centuries

August 23, 2017


Please make sure that you have downloaded the notes for today’s lesson. If you did not complete the SCAR chart in class today, please complete it and turn it in tomorrow for homework. We also read and discussed The Edict of Nantes.