Posted on April 3, 2020


Please visit the College Board’s site on their emergency exam testing and read it for detail if you have not yet done so.

Me, basing my assumption off of years of teaching AP history classes and a few million DBQs written in high school, figured that there would be no way that the College Board would make the AP History exams a DBQ in 45 minutes.

Sorry, I was wrong. It’s a five document long DBQ that will be graded on basically the same rubric, just adjusted for documents. It can come from any time period save for the ones that they have trimmed off of the course for this year.

They will be rolling out more specific instructions later.

AP Psych (remember me?) you will have two FRQs – the first one will be 25 minutes and the second one, the research methods one, is 15. Research methods was unit 1. GO BACK AND REFRESH UNIT 1.

AP Seminar, please note that Performance Task 1 is worth 40% of your exam grade and that Performance Task 2 (what you’re working on now) is worth 60%.

Here is the exam testing schedule: