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Antisocial Personality Disorder in Children

November 12, 2018


Here is the article from the New York Times that I had mentioned in class. It’s long, but it’s the kind of thing that once you start reading you won’t be able to stop. It raises an interesting question: is there too young of an age for this kind of personality disorder to develop? Over […]

How to Implant False Memories

October 30, 2018


This isn’t really a how-to guide, but this is Dr. Elizabeth Loftus explaining how people can be manipulated so easily. has a great longform read on Loftus and false memories that I suggest that you read if you’re interested in this topic.  

Fatal Familial Insomnia

October 11, 2018


I believe that I’ve mentioned this disorder during class. Fatal Familial Insomnia, or FFI, is a prion disorder of the brain much like mad cow disease. The prions eat away at brain tissue and form small holes in the areas controlling sleep — specifically REM sleep (for more on which area controls what, please reference the […]

HTGSC Resources

August 23, 2018


Just in case you need the resources at home for the personality analysis, here they are. I’m anxiously awaiting your diagnoses of The Grinch! APPSY-How_the_Grinch_Stole_Christmas Abraham Maslow Alfred Adler Carl Jung Carl Rogers Erich Fromm Erik Erikson Karen Horney Sigmund Freud

Gender Roles And Toys

August 21, 2018


As I mentioned in class today, Target decided to eliminate “girls” and “boys” labels in the toys and home decor sections. “This change is a step towards removing gender limitations in childhood, but when one of the world’s largest retailers does this, the ripple effect will be significant,” author Melissa Atkins Wardy said in her […]

OpenStax Additional Resources for AP Psychology

August 20, 2018


This is NOT our current textbook, but it is college level. The OpenStax book is a free resource supplied by Rice University, and it is good. Make sure that, if you need to read it, that you are reading the correct chapter – make sure that they correlate by TOPIC, not by chapter number. Please […]

TBI Isn’t Just Phineas: Meet Civil War Veteran Jacob Miller

August 17, 2018


So much attention has been given to Phineas Gage (and rightfully so) that it’s easy to lose sight of others who have been impacted by traumatic brain injury. This is Jacob Miller. Miller was wounded by a bullet on September 19th, 1863 at the Battle of Chicamagua. By a tremendous stroke of luck, whoever shot […]