AP Psychology Review Information

Posted on April 13, 2020


This year the AP Psych exam will be, like your other exams, an at-home test (it will be given at 2:00 on May 19th). There will be two FRQs – the first will be a traditional scenario based FRQ where you will need to relate terms and ideas back to what is being described of you (remember, a bulleted list doesn’t count!). The second FRQ will be a 15 minute research methodology essay, where the scenario will be an example of psychological research.

For review, we will be looking at specific techniques for writing. The exam is open note so unless you guys ask specifically, I don’t know if reviewing concepts is a good use of our time. The test will not include Abnormal Psych/Treatments or Social Psych, so that’s two sections that you do not have to worry about.

I will be assigning practice FRQ questions in AP Classroom to you starting on Tuesday, April 14th. These obviously will not be required of you but I will grade them for feedback.

The College Board is working on a playlist of lectures for students. The playlist begins on Unit 8 but loops back around to the beginning. I strongly suggest that you view the lessons on research methods.