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Good Luck AP World!

May 21, 2020


School may be out, but you guys still have a test today, and everyone’s going to do great! Thank you for all of your hard work this semester. I’m sorry I only had a chance to see you for a couple of months, but what I saw impressed me. Remember, log in 30 minutes before […]

Good Luck AP Psych!

May 19, 2020


Good luck on your exam today, everyone! You’ll all do great, I know it. Please make sure that you follow the directions that the College Board has sent you exactly and that you review this before your testing time. Don’t forget to save your work in a Google Doc as well to have a fallback […]

Important AP Exam Submission Updates

May 18, 2020


Note: please make sure that you read over the College Board’s troubleshooting tips BEFORE you take the exam. If you are doing a photo submission, make sure that your iPhone’s photo settings save what you’re taking as a .jpg – and please SAVE WHATEVER WORD OR GOOGLE DOC YOU’RE TYPING INTO. The College Board has […]

AP Exam Troubleshooting Tips

May 13, 2020


As with any technology, things may go wrong. Please make sure you read these tips from the College Board before you start the exam. You only have five minutes to upload your answers, so if something happens you don’t want to waste time reading things. Of course, technical issues not involved with your end of […]

Good Luck AP Euro!

May 13, 2020


Today’s the AP Exam at 4:00, and you guys are going to own it the way that Queen Elizabeth I owned the Spanish Armada. Please make sure you have your exam ticket and you log in 30 minutes before the test time to account for server slowness and tech issues. You guys have done great […]


April 3, 2020


Please visit the College Board’s site on their emergency exam testing and read it for detail if you have not yet done so. Me, basing my assumption off of years of teaching AP history classes and a few million DBQs written in high school, figured that there would be no way that the College Board […]

New College Board AP Exam Guidance

March 20, 2020


I know you got the e-mail; please stay on top of the College Board’s AP Exam changes and don’t forget to check back with them as they refine what in the world is going on. As far the class, a) I don’t know when we’ll be back (pandemics don’t exactly have a start and end […]