New College Board AP Exam Guidance

Posted on March 20, 2020


I know you got the e-mail; please stay on top of the College Board’s AP Exam changes and don’t forget to check back with them as they refine what in the world is going on.

As far the class, a) I don’t know when we’ll be back (pandemics don’t exactly have a start and end date, contrary to popular belief) and b) I know that the CB has cut some stuff out of the exam. That’s fine.

We’re completing the curriculum as written for AP Euro and AP World.

AP World and AP Euro, you need to know about and understand the very complex events of the 20th Century to be a fully functioning citizen of the world and adult. I refuse to limit your opportunity to be a better-rounded person because this is how the College Board has chosen to react to schools doing distance learning.

I will continue to post assignments on this blog and they will be input upon our return once EVERYONE has had an opportunity to catch up. We will also be reviewing for the exam when that time comes. As of right now, the College Board has not said when the AP Exam dates are, and if they’re not until late May or early June, I have neither the resources to review for two months nor do I suspect it will do that much good to begin review this far out before the test.

AP Seminar, your exam now consists of your two reports. Sorry. If you want to revise your IRR that you’ve already submitted, please email me and let me know and I’ll return the paper to you so that you can re-upload a final copy.