APWH &APEH: Reading is FUNdamental!

Posted on March 23, 2020


Today I would like you guys to take some time to get caught up on your reading schedules and whatever else you have to do for me – double check the master distance learning post for your reading and where you should be.

APWH, please don’t forget that includes King Leopold’s Ghost.

We will also be having some Zoom meetings this week in case you need to ask me questions. Tuesday, it’ll be APWH. Wednesday, it’s AP Seminar’s turn. Thursday, it’s all AP Euro, all the time (from 10:30-11:00). These will be your assignments for the day since we’re being suggested to stick with half an hour of work per class per day (which is why I am stretching some assignments out a bit).

Each session will last a half hour and will be chat on your end, video on mine because I would like to record it for people who missed, and if everyone’s talking it can get kind of off-topic. What I’d like for you to do is, during that time, ask me anything about the material or whatever the College Board is doing with your tests.

I am better prepared to answer the former than the latter.