APEH: The Rise of Nationalism

Posted on March 20, 2020


Oh, boy, Nationalism! It’s the number one motivator for every country in Europe, but especially in Western Europe. What it breaks down to is this:

Q. My country is better than your country in:

a) industrial output

b) colonization/imperialism

c) military strength and size

d) culture


Obviously, they believed the correct answer is e. Chapter 23 discusses some key figures such as Napoleon III, Otto von Bismarck (the Franco-Prussian War was started by actual fake news, so that’s fun), Cavour and Garibaldi, Alexander II, Nicholas II (I am crushed that I am not able to have a class that I can dedicate to Russia), and Abdülhamid II.

There is a *lot* happening here.

For today, all I want you to do is watch the following videos and post one question in the comments. If anyone wants to do a classmate a solid in answering, feel free; if not, I will chime in. I already typed out half of 19th Century European history in an email with my thumbs. No question is to big. AMA.

I will post your assignment Monday.