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Nationalism Notes & Crash Course

November 14, 2018


Hey, guys – here’re the notes for the Nationalism portion of this unit. Please make sure that you view the Crash Course if you weren’t in class; if you missed the readings, please go on and read Grew, Holborn, and Ulam out of this packet. Advertisements

European Nationalism Body Biography Instructions

November 7, 2018


Please see the linked instruction sheet for the body bios. This is what you will be working on while I am out of town on Thursday and Friday of this week. Hold your presentations for Monday (obviously) because I have to be there for them and these are my favorite things that we do all […]

Unification of Germany And Italy Storyboards

October 31, 2018


Please select either German Unification or Italian Unification and complete the attached activity. You may create an on-line storyboard or you may do it by hand. Research is your responsibility – I suggest Wikipedia’s articles on Italian Unification and German Unification. If you choose Italy, I expect to see a focus on Cavour; if you […]