APWH & APEH DBQ Practice and Videos

Posted on April 28, 2020


More information and practice videos are trickling out for the AP Exams next month, thank goodness.

In this one for APWH, Heimler is walking you through a modified 2018 DBQ – this one was the one on railroads and technology.

To work along with him, please download and print his DBQ Worksheet guide and the 2018 DBQ. Please scroll to page 6 for the DBQ and follow his instructions in the video. When you are done, upload it to the appropriate spot in TurnItIn.com and I will grade it using this rubric and leave comments.

AP Euro, you have a couple of options for practice. Heimler’s practice is also the 2018 DBQ from your exam – the dreaded 30 Years War DBQ.

Please download and print his DBQ Worksheet guide and the 2018 DBQ – the DBQ’s on page 6. Follow along with him in the video and upload your completed practice DBQ to TurnItIn.com and I’ll grade that one using this rubric as well.

Finally, if you’d like a little more practice, Tom Richey also walks you through the DBQ (APWH, you can use the process portion of this too).

The modified DBQ he’s using on Enlightened Absolutism is here – again, upload it into TurnItIn.com and I will grade and leave comments for you guys.