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Russia/Japan Industrialization DBQ

March 12, 2020


Shout-out to for the images (and for saving me some time). This is the DBQ from the practice exam that the college board has up on their site for your download. 2017-2018 DBQ rubric. This will be due Wednesday. Please, after you have completed writing it with you group, download the completed DBQ as […]

Disease Model of Revolutions Project

March 3, 2020


If you were not in class, here is the packet and outline of the disease model of revolutions for your project – remember, you have to invent a disease that you feel best represents your assigned revolution. Revolutions Around the World Stages_of_Revolution

Absolutely Fabulous Life of… instructions

February 12, 2020


Here’re the instructions for the AbFab Life of… project that we are currently working on for APWH, just in case you’ve misplaced it. The project will be due on Friday the 14th, but if need be I can adjust. TheAbsolutelyFabulousLifeof…

King Charles II’s Family Circle

February 10, 2020


Inbreeding is not a good thing, especially when you’re trying to maintain a bloodline of people competent enough to govern an empire. Seriously, the condition of having a severe underbite is called having a Hapsburg Jaw, after the family. Inbreeding made it so terrible that by Charles’ time, he had problems talking, chewing, and he […]

Unit 1 (1200-1450) Review Videos

January 31, 2020


Apologies on my inability to talk for longer than thirty seconds at a time – please stop coming to school sick and spreading the joy. Anywho, these are the two review videos that we viewed today during class. Your exam on Monday will be of the same format as the AP Classroom work, and both […]