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A Lesson in Racism

April 27, 2017


Jane Elliot conducted the most famous experiment on racism and social conformity in history - on third graders. After the death of Martin Luther Jr. she wanted to show her students - who didn't understand the concept - exactly why people are intolerant of each other.

Do What You’re Told!

April 24, 2017


For those who were not in class today and missed Milgram’s experiment, attached is the video we watched in class, the worksheet, and the 40 Studies assignment. And if you think that the experiment was just a product of its time, watch this.

Zimbardo on Evil

April 21, 2017


If you were not in class today, please make sure that you see me regarding Quiet Rage, the film that we viewed. For your last Zimbardo reflection on the Stanford Prison Experiment, I would like a list of nine questions that you had while viewing as well as a brief list of possible confounding variables. […]

Further Readings On Lobotomy

April 11, 2017


Today in class, we viewed the PBS American Experience special on Dr. Walter Freeman. The PBS website has a ton of resources on it, including a 1946 article from Life Magazine that is absolutely heartbreaking and shocking to read. For some stories of those who were lobotomized at Pilgrim State mental hospital in New York, check […]

AP Psychology Fractured Fairy Tale Rubric

March 31, 2017


Here you guys go. Remember – you need three characters with psychological disorders and one who is a psychological professional operating from one of the schools of therapy found in Chapter 17. You also need a two page paper for your group, with at least three sources (one of which should be your textbook) and APA […]

AP Psych Extra Credit Opportunity

March 9, 2017


For extra credit, please read Sigmund Freud’s On Dreams (DO NOT read the introduction. It’s long and not written by Freud. Start at Chapter 1.). It shouldn’t take you long to get through regardless.  After completing the readings, please find instances in the book that you either agree with (or find plausible) or find outlandish.  If […]

Motivation and Emotion Advertising Campaign Resources.

February 27, 2017


Presentations Due March 7th. EDIT: I forgot to include this on the instruction sheet – any citations that you need for this paper should be done in APA 6th Edition style. Head to for help. This episode of Frontline on psychology and marketing might give you guys some ideas. It’s not mandated that you watch […]