Motivation and Emotion Advertising Campaign Resources

Posted on October 22, 2019


This assignment is due on 10/28.

EDIT: I forgot to include this on the instruction sheet – any citations that you need for this paper should be done in APA 6th Edition style. Head to for help.

This episode of Frontline on psychology and marketing might give you guys some ideas. It’s not mandated that you watch it since it’s an hour an a half, but watching a section or two might not be a bad idea.  Also, if you need to see the instructions again, go on and download them.

Please do not bug Mrs. Kuhn for help in editing things if you choose to do a video (which you do not have to do if you don’t want to). She has her own classes and is busy with her own students. If you need to get everything the same format for easy editing (say, an .mp4 file) there are programs to download to convert files to that format, or you can upload your video files to YouTube then download them using a GreaseMonkey script (just click “install script” and then follow your browser’s instructions) for FireFox and Chrome that will add a “download video” button to the YouTube interface. You can download as many video formats — choose .mp4, and you’re good to go. You can also use and paste the URL of your video in, then select “Download MP4” in the size that you prefer, but if you have Java disabled on your browser it may not work.

If you were out today, here were a couple examples of ads we watched in class.

The Colbert Report-Soul-Rending Cheerios Ad from Johnnie Ingram on Vimeo.

And, of course, as an another example of what not to do: