AP Seminar Team Assignments

Posted on October 21, 2019


Unit two’s focus is working on building helpful collaborative research skills, and the biggest one of those is working in a team. These are your team assignments for the rest of the semester – these AREN’T the ones you’ll have for the research presentations next semester.

I know that some of you might be in a team with people you don’t necessarily get along with, and I’m sorry, but one of the key components of teamwork is putting aside issues for a successful overall product. Teamwork is different than group work, because if one individual doesn’t hold up their end, the whole thing can fall apart. This won’t be traditional group project style group work for you guys.

If there is a team member that you feel isn’t holding up their own, please discuss the matter with me.

Leave your team’s norms as a comment on this post. You will have to make a WordPress account to leave a reply or you can log on using your Google account or Apple account.

A Day:

  • Team 1: Zayaan, Sara, Gabriela, Nilay, Rachel
  • Team 2: Claire, Ashley, Ryan L., Sean, Harrison
  • Team 3: Arianna, Anna, Sinclair, Maria, Ryan V.
  • Team 4: David, Mia, Ethan, Rhea, Enya
  • Team 5: William, Nasimul, Chai, Westby


B Day:

  • Team 1: Lota, Ethan G., Foli, Michelle, Simeon
  • Team 2: Evan, Anika, Aleks, Jacob,
  • Team 3: Sona, Johnathan, Alex, Manav
  • Team 4: Marlowe, Jake, Vishruth, Lawerence
  • Team 5: Jorge, Autumn, Christel, Peter